Our Family

Wes and Jennifer Zwirn have lived in Athens, GA for the past twelve years. Both are graduates of The University of Georgia; Wes earned both B. S. and M. S. degrees in agricultural economics while Jennifer earned her B. S. in marketing. Both Wes and Jennifer grew up in artistically creative households.

Wes Zwirn, owner and operator of unique Athens, GA Child Care Center, where pre-school children can learn the arts at their day care center.
Wes Zwirn

Wes’s grandfather played stand-up bass, was a singer in a barber shop quartet, and later became a high school music teacher. Wes’s father and uncle were also gifted drummers and trumpet players. Wes inherited an appreciation for music. He began singing and playing musical instruments at the age of eight and continues to play and learn today.
Jennifer Zwirn, of Little Prodigies Child Development Center, Inc., a unique Child Care Center in Athens, GA , where pre-school children can learn the arts at their day care center.
Jennifer Zwirn

Jennifer also grew up in a very artistic family. Her grandfather was a respected artist and draftsman. Her father and aunt are also tallented artists while her mother is a respected pianist and cello player. Jennifer grew up playing piano and today has a passion for drawing, painting, crafts and photography.

Wes and Jennifer-Zwirn teach pre-school children learning the arts at their day care center.

Our Story

When Wes and Jennifer decided to start a family they knew they would like their son to be exposed to the Arts. They soon realized there was a need for a child care facility that was different - something that had more of an Arts-based approach. They are now excited to be able to teach their son Conner, as well as many other Athens children, the Arts at such an early age and cannot wait to watch them grow!

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